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Site Improvements

30.01.2007 20:58

LGSoft has recently introduced some new features in the website, enhancing the submission of feedback from the users and making new content available. When downloading, it is now possible, among other options, to subscribe a newsletter. Furthermore, a new section called "Documents" aims to improve access to published data, such as user manuals and works that included LGSoft's programs.


New Graphic Features

29.09.2006 23:50

LGSoft has been working hard to improve all graphic capabilities of the available programs. This has lead to a new graphical tool that is going to be implemented on the new versions and programs released by LGSoft. It is planned that the first program to be made available with the new features is LGSoft Settlement Analysis.


New program under development

19.04.2006 20:00

The new software from LGSoft, currently known as SFoundations, is intended, among other things, to calculate footings. It will include load cases and combinations for easy interaction with other structural programs. The program will verify bearing capacity, estimate immediate settlements and perform structural design. Compatibility with the Eurocode 7 will be fully implemented.


TWallDesign v1.1 released

10.12.2005 03:57

The new TWallDesign version improves minor details reported by our users.


TWallDesign v1.0 released

08.12.2005 02:52

The new LGSoft program – TWallDesign – verifies the external stability of reinforced concrete cantilever walls (sliding, overturning and bearing capacity) under static and seismic conditions. It includes an advanced output module with both graphical and report generation capabilities.


New program under development

25.11.2005 17:46
The new program from LGSoft – TWallDesign – is now on testing phase. This new software is able to calculate the factor of safety of a wall with any given geometry under static or dynamic conditions. It includes the verification of sliding, overturning and bearing capacity. Public release is scheduled for the next two weeks.


SettlementAnalysis v1.5 released
04.11.2005 08:30
New version of SettlementAnalysis available for download. The new version features distortion calculation and plotting as well as improved graphic capabilities.


Website release
24.10.2005 21:47
New website launched with two programs available for download: NLinearSection v1.1 and SettlementAnalysis v1.0.


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