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WaterNetGen is an EPANET extension for automatic Water Distribution Network models generation.

Main features: Models Generation, Synthetic Models, Pipe Sizing, Performance Indicators, Performance Evaluation, Demand-driven, Pressure-Driven, Leakage Simulation.

EMAIL: waternetgen@dec.uc.pt

EPANET 2.0.12 in Portuguese

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WaterNetGen, how to cite:
Muranho, J., Ferreira, A., Sousa, J, Gomes, A., & Sá Marques, A. (2012). WaterNetGen - an EPANET extension for automatic water distribution networks models generation and pipe sizing. Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, 12(1), 117-123.

Muranho, J., Ferreira, A., Sousa, J., Gomes, A., and Sá Marques, A. (2014). “Technical performance evaluation of water distribution networks based on EPANET”, Procedia Engineering, 70, pp. 1201-1210, doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2014.02.133.


Sousa, J., Muranho, J., Sá Marques, A., and Gomes, R. (2014). “WaterNetGen Helps C-Town”, Procedia Engineering, 89, pp. 103-110, doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2014.11.165. 


Muranho, J, Ferreira, A., Sousa, J., Gomes, A., and Sá Marques, A. (2014). “Pressure-dependent Demand and Leakage Modelling with an EPANET Extension – WaterNetGen”, Procedia Engineering, 89, pp. 632–639, doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2014.11.488

How to generate synthetic models and assign diameters within WaterNetGen:
  1. Generate a new (synthetic) model;
  2. Import a pipe catalogue (use the suppyed example catalogue) and customize it (if need);
  3. Assign pipe type & class to the pipes (Select all pipes <CTR+A> | Right Click, click "Selected Pipes"  + "Pipe Type ..." on popup menu);
  4. Assign water demand to nodes (click on "Load demands" button);
  5. Run pipe sizing procedure;
  6. Save Project.

2015-05-27 update:
  • Leakage simulation: add pipe leaks (background & burst) parameters to the "Group Edit" menu.

2015-02-15 update:
2014-07-02 update:
  • "Load demand" bug correction.

4-05-30 update:
4-01-31 update:

2013-10-04 update:

Some notes about EPS recording:

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